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sweetsimsations replied to your photoset “happy easter!!”

come do my eyeliner every morning pls

someone invent teleportation already so i can do this

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happy easter!!

"Can you upload Zoe or Anaya? Pleeeeease?"

Hey nonny, I can’t do that sorry :( I basically lost everything at Christmas when my laptop died on me.

Osaca: So do you want to be my girlfriend? I mean, feel free to say no and all

Osaca: I’ll take that as a yes then..

Caller: Hello ma’am is your refrigerator running?

Iris: Haha I’m not falling for that one again..


My Simblr Crushes:

  1. sim-blah
  2. jejus2
  3. simplybecauseiam
  4. simswhen
  5. pixelddump
  6. smartsimmer
  7. pixelte
  8. pixelplumbots
  9. sunysims

Yup this list is legit <3 your simblrs are really amazing & inspiring, so many others should be here also but tumblr is a dodo bird <.<


thank you sweetie <333

Iris: Trust me, I’ve done this a thousand times, it won’t hurt. Now, which wire do I put on his temples and which do I connect to the car battery.

Osaca: Oh God, I’m going to die aren’t I?

I moved Bjork and Cyril out of the house cause I found having 4 adults in the house hectic as hell. So it’s just these two now. 

Osaca got a mini-makeover