Baby number 2 is here, this is Mars.

In which Nausicaa tries to make some money.

This interaction is so cute wth

Nausicaa became a child

"i'm sorry this sounds stupid but where is the folder with the screenshots that you take in ts2? I can't seem to find it. :("

It’s not stupid don’t worry, it took me ages to figure it out as well :). If you look in the Ultimate Collection folder there should be a folder called Neighborhoods and if you look through the Storytelling folder in all the folders in Neighbourhood, the screenshots should be in one of them.

I don’t do this though, I use fraps and just create a folder for fraps to save all the screenshots I take in it, it’s a lot more straightforward.

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Nausicaa is finally warming up to her mums voice. 

Baby no 2 is on the way :)

She never sits still