umneferious posted a link to these gorgeous paintings from artist Dre Price, and suggested they’d be nice for the game. I thought so too, and since I was already in TSRW, I made them up really quick. Excuse the lame previews. same TOU applies - do not claim, upload or adlink to my shit. Both formats in the RAR.

Oops, forgot to mention these are on Baufive’s mesh.





They both rolled wishes to get engaged so…

Osaca: Dear, it’s rude to play video games at the dinning table. 

Iris: It’s rude to talk with your mouth full, leave me alone. 

Idk whether I like him with tattoos or without..

Iris: Hey sis, congrats on getting engaged by the way, you must be super excited. 

Bjork: Yeah… it was kinda a quick decision because I thought I was pregnant so Cyril panicked and decided that we get engaged to cover it up but I’m not pregnant so it’s okay. 

Iris: Oh…..okay, so are you guys still engaged then?

Bjork: Yeah yeah, don’t worry about it, I’ll be sending you wedding invites very soon. 


Well, what can I say. I’m happy for them.

Perfect activity for a rainy day.